Creating a community hub from an unused space


CultureHouse is a place to hang out, meet people, create, share skills, and learn. As a vibrant cultural institution in the Boston area, it will serve as an indoor public space and communal living room for all in the city. CultureHouse will work to promote urban design in Boston by acting as a test kitchen for public space and streetscape improvements. Partnering with affordable, local businesses, the space will host a cafe during the day, and a bar at night, and have regular programming determined by the community such as board game and trivia nights, flea markets, soup nights, and live music. There will be space to work, to meet, and to talk.

Front view

Side view

The inspiration for CultureHouse comes from similar urban design and cultural institutions around the world. In Copenhagen, Studenterhuset, a non-profit student center, serves as a public space where students from all across the city come and mix. Nearby, Copenhagen Street Food, a pop-up food truck market, also achieves a strong cultural identity. Taking from Better Block’s DIY urban design philosophy, CultureHouse will employ tactical urbanism to create a livable space and streetscape that works for people. Drawing from Space 10 and Design Museum Boston, CultureHouse will use the city as a base to build off of. Like the Olin College Library, the space will facilitate the exchange of ideas through collaborative co-working.

In places like Copenhagen, investment in public life makes the city more livable for all and increases health and happiness across the population. By creating this multi purpose, year round public common space in Boston, we hope to build off the success of urban design projects in Boston, connect people across Boston, and enhance public life in the city.

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The Team

Aaron Greiner

Aaron Greiner is an artist, designer, and engineer from Gloucester, Massachusetts. He is currently a senior at Olin College of Engineering studying Design Engineering. He's spent the last few years exploring cities, urban design, and livability.

Alisha Pegan

Alisha Pegan is a sustainable designer and data enthusiastic, and a recent graduate from Wellesley College and Olin College. Woo woot! She is currently working at the City of Boston as a Community Outreach Fellow for the Environment Department.

Gwendolyn Sands

Gwendolyn Sands is an aspiring architect and urban designer from Burlington, Vermont. She is currently a senior at Wellesley College studying Architecture and Women and Gender studies. She is spending her last year at Wellesley exploring how spaces have the power to foster community.


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We are looking to run a pilot of CultureHouse during the summer of 2018. We are seeking partners and contacts to help us achieve this goal.

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