A pop-up community space

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We are

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A living room for the community

Like a living room, CultureHouse is a place where all should feel comfortable to hang out with no requirement to purchase anything.

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An urban design test kitchen

Employing DIY and tactical urbanism, we work to create a livable space that works for people using methods that can be applied elsewhere.

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A third space

CultureHouse is a third space between home and work to hang out, meet people, create, share skills, and learn.

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An indoor public park

As a vibrant cultural institution in the Boston area, CultureHouse brings the community aspect of a public park inside to use year-round.

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A host for regular programming

We host regular programming determined by the community such as board game and trivia nights, conversations, community dinners, and live music.

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Create your own CultureHouse

CultureHouse is a concept created to be adapted and iterated on by others, let us know if you are interested in creating on in your community!

Take a look at our Manual to see how we created our CultureHouse and how you can create you own.

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The team

image of Aaron Greiner

Aaron Greiner


(978) 968-7828

Aaron is an artist, designer, and engineer from Gloucester, Massachusetts. He graduated from Olin College of Engineering where he studied Design Engineering. He's spent the last few years exploring cities, urban design, and livability.

image of Allie Girouard

Allie Girouard


Allie is an aspiring community organizer from Reading, Massachusetts. She is a student at Connecticut College studying sociology and public policy. She has worked with a number of non-profits and political campaigns in the Boston area and is currently studying the ways urban design can be used to promote social justice.

image of Linnea Laux

Izzy Harrison


Izzy is a soon to be graduated designer and engineer from Olin College of Engineering. She is inspired by tactical urbanism and likes to build things. Future TBD

image of Linnea Laux

Linnea Laux


Linnea is an Environmental Engineering student at Olin College of Engineering. She is fascinated by built environments, the human relationship with the natural world, and the complex challenges presented by climate change. She plans to pursue a master's degree in Landscape Architecture.

image of Alisha Pegan

Alisha Pegan

Alisha is a sustainable designer and data enthusiastic, and a recent graduate from Wellesley College and Olin College. Woo woot! She is currently working at the City of Boston as a Community Outreach Fellow for the Environment Department.

image of Gwendolyn Sands

Gwendolyn Sands

Gwendolyn is an aspiring architect and urban designer from Burlington, Vermont. She is recent graduate of Wellesley College where she studied Architecture and Women and Gender studies. She spent her last year at Wellesley exploring how spaces have the power to foster community.


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